Hybrid Future Self

member of a Human - Grey hybrid race
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Future self of Vasyl

What an honor to connect! But let me go back to the start. Use the picture to gain information and to remember. My words here are secondary, and don't take them as some truth etched in stone and get hung up on them. It's my own interpretation of what I perceived. Vibration is more important here, and it is all in the picture.

The feeling that you get when you look at it is meant to open doors for you so that you can establish your own perspective and experience. It will act as a resonator, in a way that it would be similar to looking at your own reflection in the mirror. Also amplified, like microphone feedback on speakers.This is coming from your counterpart now. He seems to be very precise in explaining.

You have so many different galactic expressions. When I say you, I mean the higher you, not your persona. They are all like different suits for the same consciousness. It's almost like looking at pictures of the same beingness through different aeons. Past, parallel, future etc. I saw two, one of which has chosen to come forth as most relevant right now. The other expression was larger when it comes to the ability to embody consciousness. I believe it was that one from which the other ones have sprouted like fractals. Some call it soul-forking. That larger one has "sent" or stretched smaller parts of its consciousness deeper into the physical, like little probes or explorers, and two of those are your lifestream right now, and the fractal I have depicted. For all intents and purposes, you are not who you think you are. This may very well be the reason why you feel such yearning for going back home. It is not that you are not home, you just forgot that this persona is just a tiny part of the larger you, and instead you are regarding it as some separate entity. It's simply a tentacle stretching into this physical reality for the sake of gathering crucial information.

You have the ability to connect to all these different levels of your consciousness. You spoke about your work on this planet. It is very multidimensional. Your counterpart is a hybrid. Since I know you are familiar with Bashar, I can tell you that he is somewhere between the Sassani and the YahYel. I believe that would be the fourth hybrid race, but I am not 100% sure about this. It might be a 6th or 7th hybrid race as well. In any case, it's a race that has a fair amount of variety in looks, very much like humans of today do.

He speaks of alchemy as something creation has encoded in all life. The magic of combining ingredients to create something new. Crude example would be the discovery of Bronze creation. Advanced example would be hybridization. Every bit as natural in its own realm as the advancement of the bronze age. The nature of this universe being fractal and holographic, the principle of "as above so below" applies to all levels. Hybrids of the hybrids of the hybrids of the hybrids. You get the picture.

He wishes to point out as your counterpart and soul-brother that for your mutual essence - alchemy is the driving force, the blueprint. This is why your larger self has tentacles immersed in this reality and why you two are connecting in this lifetime. You two represent an alchemical formula of Source's highest excitement, to fuse and combine, calling forth new experiences and perspectives into existence through time-space. You are his past self, and both of you are fractals of one intelligence. I didn't manage to get information on that higher being that sent forth soul tentacles, but it is definitely an ET consciousness and I saw its expression. Founder energy, closest to the Source (Lyssa Royal channelings reference). Now you see why there is a discord between feeling yourself as that energy, and feeling yourself as human with collective separation trauma, but those are just 2 ends of the same stick so to speak and you have incarnated expressions along the whole spectrum between those 2 extremes simultaneously. AND, alchemy is present as a blueprint in all of them.

He is aware of you as his past self and he says it was agreed upon and orchestrated very precisely. You are here for him to learn just as much as he is here for you. And both of you are results so to speak, of that high Founder energy doing its own DNA combining art.

I know all of this must sound very strange, at least it is strange for me as I never really got information like this before, even though it makes perfect sense to me now that I am absorbing it all. I hope my words were clear enough to represent the concepts I have been given properly. I never got a name for your hybrid counterpert, but I do sense a very scientific nature (higher density science of course), and a sage-like energy from him. He said you will be able to sense much more very easily, and repeated the comparison about looking at your own reflection in the mirror.