Extradimensional connection

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Notes for the client:

I could not get any direct messages that can be translated into human. There was a distinct feeling of loss of meaning in translation, and that I should not attempt to decipher the frequency, as it would not be accurate in our languages. Something to do with the way we think is not compatible with communication, not so much the actual vibration or the language. This presence is feminine, and I believe this is your partner in this race. She towers above humans, I would say most of them are twice our size, and more. I did not get to see the bottom part of her body, but I am not sure if they have 2 legs. It feels like they have 4 + arms that can be used as legs as well.

The image itself was also hard to translate the vibration of into our human reality. To them, they don't look like this. But they see differently, and they exist in a different realm than ours. So there are different rules.

I did not get a sense of a particular planet, like we think of 3D planets. It was more of a realm. Very fractal, very dense with light and complex patterns, concepts and ideas. It was as if their organs were outside. I don't know how to explain it better, forgive me as I am trying to find the words. If we imagine our most delicate inner workings of a body, including our brains, hearts, emotions, everything that makes us whole, everything we guard carefully... in their realm all of that is on the outside, the connective tissue that binds them all together. Kind of like mycelium. Their individual expressions are very skin deep so to speak, but the innermost is what they all share together and live in, literally.

That's the only way I can explain what I perceived. And this is one of the reasons why it is so hard to translate. I am sure there is so much more that I cannot perceive or understand about them. We are not yet at a place where this becomes our reality, there are more steps for us to alchemize that still need to accentuate and refine our individuality. This is all I can perceive from them, if that can be called a message. I hope it makes sense!