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Alatheia for Jeanne

Notes for the client:

Alatheia is the name I received for her. This is a very old connection of yours, going back lifetimes. She belongs to a civilization that has been in contact with Earth for a long time, and in the distant past much more openly, when humanity was more developed. During ancient civilizations so to speak, all the way up to Ancient Greece. I did not get a specific definition or a name of her people, but they were interacting with humans back then on an equal basis, exchanging knowledge and culture. At that time, humans were able to interact with all kinds of beings that today we only remember through folk tales. Although many people are starting to see them again, they are still being disregarded since humanity has for the most part lost their connection with nature.

At this point in our history they are not interfering, as they feel it would not be appropriate. We lost our collective memory and the interaction would not be on an equal basis until we found our footing again. However, they do communicate with individuals, but only to the point of nudging our memories to reawaken. Memories about our heritage, about who we are and what we were in the past. From what I am receiving, your emotional reaction to this experience is partly due to you remembering this, but not being able to process it immediately.

The procedure she was doing was meant to detox your body in a way, so that you can more easily access these memories. I feel like the contacts she was offering were for the purpose of visual stimulation, so that your mind can synchronize through visions with what your heart was feeling, and understand the reason behind it. But it is okay, you were not ready for such a huge instant download, and it will come in different ways, gradually. The process has already begun.

I am feeling a huge emotional charge in this connection in the form of a heartache due to what we have forgotten. It is all on the tips of our tongues so to speak, and yet we cannot reach it fully. But they are helping it along. Not by telling us stories, but by facilitating our own remembrance. It is ours to reclaim after all, and not for them to tell it to us so that we have to take their word for it.