member of the Fair-A-Kee race from the area of Pleaides
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Entity in Deborah's oversoul, as described by Aridif:

"The fairy concept is brought forward from many different tales, many different legends passed down from the earth’s history. But, in accordance with what most of you believe fairies are, the two majority concepts come from two different races, one of them being from the time of Atlantis where there were mystical entities who were able to change their physical appearance into others in both dream states and astral projected states, but also in physical appearances. Those entities were just very highly advanced Atlantians. Now, there was another race which comes from the area of Pleaides after the DNA manipulation of the humans you know now. This race was called the Fair-A-Kee and these entities were known as the Fairies. These entities were manifested in a way that physically would appear to be very small in stature.

The Fair-A-Kee were a very strong race that supported humanity thousands of years after DNA manipulation. Primitive man, after consciousness fell, began to believe these entities to be magical creatures and that is where your fairy stories, or at least the majority of them, come from - but it is a mixture of over 11 different types of races, those two being the most prominent in your understanding."

Deborah Meier