Meeting with Greys

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One of my sleep state memories from a few years ago... I don't remember much of it except that I was in a long long conversation with 3 ETs looking very much like these guys. Not sure about number of digits but the looks and energy are close. They were very intelligent, centered and radiated a kind of Zen master wisdom about them.

There was a feeling of mutual respect and tutoring. I was explaining stuff to them at length and vice versa, so I remember it was a fruitful interaction with a lot of information and knowledge shared and gained on both sides.

They were NOT members of any of the Hybrid races we know of. My suspicion is that they were closer to original Zetas (non invasive kind), and the amount of consciousness and composure they had definitely ruled out any idea of them being cloned military drones or anything of that sort. The interaction was happening on some mothership (probably YahYel one), and it was not the first or the last one that I had with them.

Still can't claim who exactly they are, but I know I am "working" with them in some diplomatic capacity.

They were very cute, but very sharp and clear and mind based. 0 uncomfortable feelings about them whatsoever.

I am 6 feet tall, if you want to compare their height to mine here.