Green Reptilian

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A quick render / touch up of a dream memory I had fairly recently where I was shown a picture of these guys. I am busy working on other projects so I don't have much time to finish up the images I do for myself.

There were at least 5-6 of them, the scales were very large and sleek/shiny (much larger on their body than I could display here, almost turtle shell pattern size covering big chunks of their chest and back), bodies also lizard-like sleek, agile and not too bulky, big looong tails and 3 thick vertical yellow stripes on their backs to contrast the dark green.

One stripe was going from the back of the head down the middle of the spine, and 2 more on the sides also going down the back.

I have no idea who they are, whether they were male or female or why was I shown this, but this is one of the extremely rare occasions I got a crisp picture preserved from a dream experience, and I had to record it before it faded.

I have some ideas of who they might be, but I can't be sure yet so I won't speculate here. They didn't feel hostile to me, just very beautiful and proud.

The scene I saw the picture of them in was, however, quite odd. They looked bunched up on top of each other and on the ground, as if there was some strange orgy or celebration going on. I have no idea what that was as I didn't see them move, but I found it quite intriguing.