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Jelly for Stella

I believe this is one of the beings that visited you and worked on you during the healing session you told me about. Actually there are 3 of them in this picture as you can see, but only one is showing himself in physical. They are not any race that we know of. They SEEM like a combination of Zeta and Aquatic and even Feline, but they are none of these. They are quite short, with long arms and shorter legs. Their posture is kind of interesting, knees always slightly bent, slouching spine, tummy out and head sticking up front almost like a turtle. However, interestingly enough the closest energy I got from them is the energy of a beautiful deep sea jellyfish. When "Jelly" came to mind this lil guy liked it and he told me I can call him Jelly. He doesn't care it's not his name, but he does agree with the comparison of not just the energy flow but also shape of their head and big long fingers almost like tentacles.

Their skin and bone structure is very soft, nothing like humans are. It's almost like cartilage, even softer than infant bones and very flexible. Skin seems like it's the only thing protecting them from the environment as they don't seem to have much flesh inside their bodies. It's hard to explain but seems like they evolved on a gas giant or something like that. As if they are full of air, or liquid. But not in a way we can describe, or at least I can't. Other than jelly, that's the only comparison I can make. It is also the way their vibration feels, wobbling like a soap bubble, pulsating like jellyfish.

They would not be able to visit here physically, but they can travel the worlds and dimensions using their light bodies. They don't require ships. They are somewhat humanoid though, in a way that they are bipedal and have 2 eyes, nose, mouth.. but other than that they are very different from us in terms of physiology. Oh, and they don't live underwater but it some kind of gas-plasma environment.