Sirius Energy Temple

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Sirius Energy Temple for Mégane

This being is not physical, but this is how he represents himself to you, what is most representative to the blend of his energy and your own, according to symbolism that's embedded in your ethereal DNA strands. It is a download for you to interpret and integrate at your own pace. It might also be something you remember from dreams or meditations, in terms of how it feels, more than the literal image. I am not aware of all the downloads that are put in this, but he assured me they are there. Key element is the gateway, and the blue water. It represents some sort of initiation too, and a sacred energy cleansing ceremony that happens each time before you establish a connection together. Water is a medium that can translate these energies for you. Try to connect when you are soaking in the tub, or ideally swimming and especially diving. He is your guide who is responsible for your crossing over dimensions, which of course includes communicating with both terrestrial and non terrestrial consciousnesses. He is like a principal facilitator between you and the rest of your connections. He is reminding you of the ripple effect, once you take action on this.

His light body is liquid or plasma-like warm golden light. lol he's telling me to stop because there are gifts for you to unwrap, clues to find in this image on many different levels. I did not get a name, but he has one that represents his energy best. Ask him.