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Lightwarrior aspect of Marc Morris

Notes for the client:

Well, you asked for it and here it is! The way you worded it, "lightwarrior aspect of my higher self" really lit up when I read it, so that is what I focused on. It was an exciting journey for me because I don't identify with the concept the way it is usually presented, and even though my signature runebind kind of hints at it, it is a different kind of concept all together. It doesn't represent any polarity or battle as the word would suggest. Those are outdated concepts. But the word still carries the energy and intention behind it unspoiled by the meaning humans give it, if that makes any sense.

Somehow I felt that this is what you meant and I went on with it.

You can see that I've never done anything like this before.. it went almost into visionary art, but that's what came through. The Avatar (Last Airbender) resemblance is not intentional, I only noticed it after the render was done and I was post-processing

This energy is total stillness, however, it moves and ripples everything around him. The cosmic umbilical cord is at his crown and life force goes through, and then comes out of his hands into manifested. It's going both ways, not just from above towards below. You can see the ripples and tsunamis this is creating around him. The further it is, the more it is noticeable, and yet, very delicate. Like Bashar says - the greatest power requires the lightest touch. Such are the threads he is holding and weaving.

I feel like I am ruining it with words, it just doesn't come to me to say much about this and I keep wanting to just look at it and absorb. I am awestruck by the power and serenity of this expression and everything that is going on there, and kind of astonished at what came "out of me", in a sense of - did I really create this? LOL it sounds arrogant but in fact I am truly humbled by the opportunity to connect to your higher aspects and experience this. I also know that many will be able to relate to this energy so I thank you in their name as well. I am not surprised that what came through for you is going to assist many.