The Ancient

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The Ancient for a client


I don't know how to define or explain this being, so I will just call it Ancient.

This is an energy that was preset during the creation of our Solar System from what I can feel. At first, I saw the face as dark blue, but then it kind of "evolved" as I was working on the piece into being imbued with golden and iridescent star light.

They were gigantic. Made me think of those Easter Island head statues, that would be the original size sculpture or close to. From the perspective of ancient tribes, they would definitely be seen as gods. It might be that they were the ones who seeded the race of giants on our planet, but I am not 100% sure on that info.

The did see humans as ants. Not in a demeaning way, they were just SO different and of high consciousness that planetary life such as ours was miniature for them, both in size and in awareness. Didn't relate to humans much, as there was such a big gap in understanding and perspective.

I feel like they were not even coming down to Earth, but they were able to reside in the star itself. Or use it as a portal. Or if they did come to Earth at some distant ancient history, they evolved way past the physical expression since. They had universes inside of themselves, the concept of individuality is quite different to what we can perceive.

They have seeded life on many planets. Some, perhaps, according to their expression (looks).

I can't tell who they are, but I was going through what I know so far, and none of the races matched. Not the Annunaki, not the Ancient Builder Race, not RA, not Lyrans. So that remains a mystery for me. Possibility of Sirius connection.

The connection that exists here is meant to remind of our history, and the client's incarnations are connected to this. Not a starseed, and not an earthseed either by our definitions. A consciousness that is connected to beginnings and roots in many places. Examining these roots here, in very ancient times (before Atlantis and Lemuria etc) might bring more resonance and answers. Tapping into the mechanics of creation, from non physical codes to physical light and then material expression. Very potent energy, that I believe will be easier to relate to in dream states and deep meditations.

(background image courtesy of NASA - LH 95 stellar nursery in the Large Magellanic Cloud)