Lyran male

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Lyran star family member for Yogi George Stanboulieh


Q: Any sign / symbol / family signature / hand sign ?

A: Gyan mudra felt the most resonant, but from what I got from him energetically he wanted you to use the portrait to connect and get more downloads for yourself. I wanted to add that to the picture but he said no.

Sometimes they tell me things and sometimes they want the person who asked for portrait to grow and expand and reach out for new info themselves, and that's when I can't get any more info other than the portrait.

When that happens, it is almost by rule with people who already know how to connect but they are not sure of themselves. He seemed to know that about you, and he is almost joking about it energetically, in a sense that he finds it funny that you think you need to do more work to connect better. All I am getting from him is that you already know how to do it, and he wants to remind you of that as well. And to use your own way, invent it if you have to, rather than try something that might not work for you from other people.

I was listening to your audio file and as you were talking I already saw him clearly. So I didn't really use anything to connect, or even have to call him. He just appeared when you were talking about your connections :)

Use the image to strengthen your connection and call his energy, and then he will tell you much more according to him. But you need to meet him half way. Now you have the picture you can use, and he is lovingly waiting for your step. It's also a good idea to find a song / piece of music that resonates with this connection and only use it when you want to communicate with your star family. That way it will be a designated frequency for you to get into.