Rak Teh

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Rak Teh for client


I usually don't get names but sometimes they come through, and this was very surprising because I got it so clear I really couldn't make it up myself. Then I decided to look up the possible meaning of the name and I found that Rak Teh means authentic love! That definitely told me I didn't make it up.

She is very connected to you, I would even say she's another version of yourself, possible future version. You could even channel her if you are excited about it. I believe she is 4th density (which is all about unconditional love and unity), and she wants to assist you in stepping into your loving power and feel safe and taken care of and never alone. Imagine your future self hugging you and telling you this is who you will become if you follow this particular excitement :)

She is not a feline nor reptilian even though she has vertical slit pupils. Honestly I don't know what she is, but I know that she went through dark times and grew from that immensely. The amount of darkness she experienced is equally proportional to the amount of light she embodies now. Very wise and integrated being. You can tap into her and draw from her wisdom and experience whenever you are going through rough periods in your life, and even those that are already gone, can be looked at and integrated with her assistance. She is so open and loving towards you that I felt intense alignment just tapping into that connection. And the reason she is such a powerhouse of love is exactly because she went through her own shadows and accepted and integrated them as parts of herself. She is a master of transmuting darkness into light, and she understands human suffering and our lower impulses very well.

I hope this makes sense and that you can feel what's behind those eyes. Really expansive experience.