Hybrid Child
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Marjoram - Hybrid Daughter of Vicky

Notes for the client:

This is Marjoram. Margie. She came through so fast, it was very streamlined. She feels about 11-12 years old at the moment of this depiction. But this can most certainly scale and shift downstream and upstream.

I feel she is of a classic human-grey lineage, like hybrids Bashar and many others talk about. But there is more to her than this, as she comes from a future timeline when hybrids already live on Earth for quite some time. I believe she has the ethereal DNA of Gaia's nature sprites as well, and also another race I can't quite put my finger on.

I was going to say Sirius, but it's not exactly that. Rather something that Sirius energies become in the future, if that makes any sense. I don't know if they get hybridized too along the way, or go through another transformation, but it's not Sirian energies as we know them today. Definitely connected to them though.

The very interesting thing about her (and possibly many like her) is that her DNA is a combination of not only different galactic races, but also different timelines. An amalgamation of time-space converging and culminating into an individual expression. Some from above (ETs), some from below (sprites) and some from the surface (human). And then different parallel realities these beings occupy, overlapping in the DNA. So her existence is very malleable. This is why she can be your daughter in this Now, but also she exists hundreds of years in the future. It's very hard to understand let alone explain but I am doing my best

Her energy is very prickly, and spicy.. like pine needles and the invigorating fragrance of pine sap. But the smell is different, and very distinct. I cannot describe it though, but I feel like a lot of us have felt the similar smell in childhood and we never knew where it's coming from. Like a memory that you can't quite place anywhere, but you can feel it in your bones.

It seems she can shift dimensions with ease, like the Sasquatch. Always at ease with herself and her surroundings. In a perfect dance and confident flow, like a dolphin in the water.

I could feel her almost winking at me lovingly like a cat. But without any words or messages. Very playful and highly intelligent. In one instant she was standing there in the forest, posing for the image, in the next she phased away and was popping all around, like a mirage. Blending with the trees and the bushes. They are all her friends.

I don't know what else I can say about her, except to remain in curiosity and with open heart. It's very interesting to me to explore her abilities and gifts, but I can tell that I am limited in many ways when it comes to understanding how it all works, so I am just enjoying her playfulness and presence.