Hybrid Child
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Say hello to Merlin, hybrid son of Kimberly Darwin

He told me his name is Merlin, once I finished the final version. There is another DNA present that is not human, but it feels like it has been added to the non physical mix of all your etheric DNA strands, making him partly a light being. I have not seen the human male, or the beings that contributed, so I can't tell you much more about this.

Merlin said that he likes that name because of a show where Merlin is depicted as a boy basically, with "secret" powers helping everyone. He wishes to assist others so much.

He also wishes to assist you, but some things he cannot do due to free will and service to others laws, so you have to meet him half way.

There seems to be a lot of healing involved in this connection, and most of it is based around the heart energies. He's showing me a cracked egg, and a difference between it being cracked prematurely and cracked due to hatching. He says your heart is delicate and he wants to be there to nurture it into full bloom, without cracking. He's holding it like little kids hold tiny animals, gently in their little hands.