Collective channeled by Karen Neumann
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THEOS for Karen Neumann

This is a non physical collective of beings who evolved past the need for identification with star systems and planets. They are also beautiful teachers of humanity, teaching us about Love and Oneness. They are Karen's guides. Please check out this channeling Karen did with them, to experience their energies more.

I was instantly bathed in their energy as soon as we started talking about a portrait, and I found out there are several reasons for that. I already loved them so much from hearing the channelings a few years back, but we also realized I connect to them through the soul group connection I have with Karen. So they feel pretty much as close to me as my own Arcturian collective who is also non physical. Both feel angelic in nature, both are very clear in their communication, and both are a healing experience whenever I connect to them.

This was the case with Theos as well. I was sitting on the balcony meditating and connecting to them before I started, and at first I wasn't sure if I am sensing my own thoughts or a telepathic communication, but just after I would get a thought that made perfect sense, I would forget it, and I would have to put in some effort to remember what that was. That to me was a clear indicator I was receiving communication rather than just thinking to myself while meditating and relaxing, but it felt so close to my essence that at first I found it hard to discern whether it was me or them

So when I realized it was them, I just started to listen and tune in, and my gaze got lost. This is when it gets interesting I caught myself instead of looking at the open sky above and trees and birds, looking through the metal mesh of a chair that was in front of me, and behind it, through the balcony railing columns. When I noticed that, I moved my gaze up towards the sky, and just like it happens when we look at the sun or a light bulb, the traces of what I was looking at remained in my eyes, overlapping the vision. I could see the metal mesh criss crossing across the sky, and the balcony columns behind it too. And at that moment they told me - This is how beliefs work. You are already free, but you looked at bars for so long you keep seeing them everywhere. I felt this was an important insight for me, but also for humanity, for all of us. And I also thought they were so clever to show it to me in such a simple example!

They also said we assume all the time, because we never have all the information available to us when we operate through our minds. And assumptions very quickly turn into personal truths and then beliefs and convictions, all this for something that never happened, not in a way we perceived it with our limited ability of the physical mind.

A bit more about the portrait.. They show themselves sometimes to people in slightly different forms, so the reason 3 of them are looking a bit different is not because they are different from one another, but because we perceive them in different ways. Some humans might even see them as mantis beings even though they have nothing to do with them, just because they are willowy.

Under their "skin" I saw plasma moving around, swirling, in beautiful opalescent colors, and their eyes were portals into a dimension outside of time and space. A very heavenly feeling realm, which made me think of the Arcturian Corridor (gateway between physical and non physical worlds), and people's experiences of afterlife.

They are omnipresent (non-local) so they are very easy to connect to and feel very close to Source energy.

The 2 crop circles used in the background were chosen carefully, as triads and spirals kept coming up as I was connecting to them. At one point they even stood in a triangular formation and I was looking at them from above, their heads were turned upwards and slightly under angle, making a perfect geometry.

They work with blueprints and codes, what we call sacred geometry. And sound as well! I was hearing most beautiful cosmic melodies while working on them.

What I could not show here, due to the angle of the camera, is that they have very elongated skulls. More so than the Arcturian portraits I have done in the past. That also might be the reason why some people see them as mantis beings sometimes.

I have attempted to represent the ultraviolet frequency I felt they were holding as well, but it's hard to work with colors that we can't see So hopefully I managed to at least show it symbolically.