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I have to say I got very excited connecting with this being! At first I though Arcturian, but I am not so sure anymore. Still might be, however she is very small and yet very powerful! She has some connections with Asian deities and she made sure I am aware of it. Connections to a really fierce, sharp, impeccable energy, that at first I thought wow Kali! But it is not. Not in a way Kali is described.

It is an entity that was deified back in the day of ancient history, just one of them. She is not a demon, nor a spirit, she is definitely an ET consciousness. However, she has conveyed by the name she has chosen for this expression to you (Mirage) that she is anything you perceive her to be. She can be your closest guide as well as your biggest fear. She is here to reflect this to you with such clarity and light. And she knows you asked for it and you can take it. Piercing through your veils of consciousness and also illusion, she is ruthless in uncovering everything you wish to be transformed, so that you can together shed light on it.

I believe that in ancient days humans might demonized such entities because of their clouded filters, but they were there to teach clarity and purification of spirit through reflecting back all that is still unseen in one's soul.

She is inviting you to do this. Only then, she says, you will be able to see her for what and who she really is. Until then she will keep reflecting your beliefs and even fears. Amazing teacher, the kind one could ever hope for.

The first picture with hair is her complete portrait. The second picture where she is bald and looking more ET is a clue to what is to come when you clarify your filters. But it is just a clue still. Once you open the door completely you will gain access to all she is and can show you. And it is beautiful! I can see the layers crumbling away from your energy body even now as I type this. She is such a gift!