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This is a very old benevolent reptilian being (STO), and very wise. He is a teacher, in his own race as well as others. An elder. He is like a grandfatherly figure in relation to client. Almost Yoda-like energy but with more humor and warmth. There is a turtle-wisdom energy here as well, slow and grounded. And longevity.

I can see him holding the client on his knee and telling him stories when he was a small child. He is always with him, and was with him since before he was born.

The name is pronounced harshly.. MAR-RREKK, accent on E but short one.

He is standing in front of a mirror (it is behind him, slightly under angle), so what you see in the background is all a reflection, including his profile. He thought it was very clever to use technology to show himself from both angles. He is posing all proud and also a bit cheeky.

I could hear his guttural breathing while working on him. Very reassuring and warm. Definitely someone I would love to spend time with.

The kind of teaching and advice coming from him are very nondual and light hearted. But he has immense depths to him and he can be formidable should the need occur.

If you have watched the cartoon series Avatar the last Airbender, the character of Uncle Iroh from the Fire nation is very similar to his vibration. The difference is of course, that Marèk never pretended to be naive, old and fat, but he is a person who learned softness from centuries of hardness. This might be special in his race, as I see no other members are quite like him. But he yields a lot of reverence and respect among his kind.

He says the easiest way to connect more to him for the client would be breathing techniques. Client can choose the one he resonates with most as there are so many out there. Another way would be techniques such as Chi Gong or Tai Chi or similar body-spirit martial arts that focus on energy and breath rather than fighting per se.