Hybrid Child
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Nasir, hybrid son of Nuhar

Notes for the client:


But also, Periwinkle. He explained to me that this his how him and his little sister love calling themselves - Periwinkles. He is holding a Madagascar Periwinkle too. He said that he would never pick a flower because it would kill it, but that it is symbolic, as he knows that giving flowers is something we do on Earth and that it's a gesture children often do for their parents.

He is standing at the edge of quantum fog, the place / state of consciousness where we can have encounters with our cosmic family.

I believe the particular kind of the flower is also a symbolic hint about Hybrid Children and the kinds of places that would be comfortable for them to live when they come. Something about unique ecosystem that was developed there separate from the rest of the world. He says symbolically, because he is not giving exact locations, just an idea of a storyline that we can play with. Galapagos comes to mind too as similar idea. In general, protected nature environments, or at least the idea of, as I don't know what the situation is like over there nowdays.

His first message for me was "give me a flower to hold". It came so clearly that I was surprised to be honest And from there, the syncs flowed in that explained what flower and why etc. It was more important to him to give you that flower than to show himself, so adorable!

I am informed that he wants to send you a letter so I will write down as he dictates.

"A message for my mother. Dear mother, I thank you with all my heart for reaching out to connect to me in this way. I am so excited that this will bring you comfort and more structured knowledge that we are already always connecting. It is my joy to let you know through this connection that I am always with you and that you never have to worry about me. I know humans worry, and I know they like flowers. I also know that blue is color for boys, and pink is color for girls. So I blended it all in one transmission, because my sister is here with me too, in the quantum fog, filled with love and gentleness about our connection.

There are more children who are connected to you but it is not yet time to discuss that. I am told that we are woven from the same thread, and I am using that thread to communicate with you. This is a special occasion that I am very excited about, but I am also very excited about all other occasions and other Nows when we communicate, and this is something I wanted to tell you, that it is always Now, and we are always woven together. I will now let this lady send you my message and I wish for you to always smell pretty flowers around you, as they are fragrance of unconditional love."

This was new for me, I never received a message in this format before. I heard his very deliberate thoughts / emotions and sensed them being translated into a child's voice that literally sounded like he was dictating a letter I was hoping I wouldn't cry again as his blessed heart made me cry already several times as I was connecting to him. All positive of course, tears of happiness. But there they are again

P.S. As I finished this, a song came up on a Vangelis Youtube list I was listening to, and I feel like this is a message from him!