Sirius Reflections

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Sirius reflections for Mercedes

Notes for the client:

This being is connected to Sirius energies and is an aquatic being (obviously lol). It is a bit challenging for me to communicate her energy, as her "language" is quite alien to us. It is more similar to cetaceans than humanoids. Clicks, frequencies, echolocation, ultrasound, electric impulses etc. But water is the main life force. Water within and water all around. In all directions. Like space. No linearity. This is why this particular depiction can be turned in all different directions and be looked at. The ripples are the surface of the water, or they are the ocean bottom reflecting them.

She uses her consciousness and biology to create or harness portals, through which she can traverse dimensions and visit other watery planets, or water environments. Dolphins know how to do this as well, and they've been trying to teach us in dream realities. The only way they know how to show this to us in waking reality is to create rings of air and swim through them. This is a bit of a "d'oh" moment for me, as I never thought about this before. That it was that literal. They are not just doing cute tricks to play and impress but are actually trying to tell us something, at least from this translation and perspective I am seeing now.

You are very connected to this race, and cetaceans. Especially those that have protrusions on their heads, just like this being, for echolocation. And for other things we do not yet understand.

She is a highly intelligent being but is not excited to "speak" on my terms even though she had no problem with showing herself to me, so my guide is actually translating the information I am receiving. Connect to the water within, she says. And then couple that with actually swimming, floating, diving.. 'flying' in water. A different reality all together, from our standard human land life. Not only because it is in all directions, once we immerse ourselves deeply like this being is, but also because of the completely different conductivity. Of light, sound, waves, energy, life. Then connect with mist and clouds. And then connect with reflectivity of a calm water surface. The message is to change and shift these ideas and states. Disperse, solidify, disperse, solidify. Opaque, transparent. Contained, but barriers don't stop it. Inside, and outside. This is an exercise in honing your vibration to be able to not just connect with her more consciously, but to be able to understand an "alien" perspective, to us. To integrate it and set it out into the collective for all to learn from. So that we can all understand a different world better and reach out to these beautiful beings.

The concept of play is entirely different in that perspective. It is very multidimensional and dream-like. Hypersensitive and hyperperceptive. It doesn't filter anything out. The focus is more dispersed, inclusive, and yet firmly in the present. Like water, it allows everything through, but it can be as ethereal, enveloping and permeable as mist, or as crystal clear and reflective as the surface of a calm mountain lake.

This is what came through to be shared, and she does not have any other communication to convey. I was wondering if she would maybe wish to help you remember your contacts more, but immediately it became clear from the energy she was sending that she has no interest in the past, or future. She lives only in the present and this is where you connect. Right now.

Her tail is quite long and powerful. Her scales reflect different colors depending on the water surrounding her and the amount and color of light coming through or being reflected. She can also "light up" in a way, like on the portrait, and be a bit more bioluminescent for the lack of a better word, shiny and reflective, or she can make herself look very "dull" and unnoticeable. I feel honored that she lit up for me to be depicted, as I feel that this is not something they usually do for humans they are not directly connected to as galactic family and counterparts.