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Orion Council member for Ignacio

This being seems to be part of the Orion Council. However, there are hybrid lineages present from Lyra -> Vega, before this race branched off through long history into an Amphibian race of Orion. Very introspective, analytical and scientific / practical. Also with a good sense of intelligent humor. But the most intense part of his energy that I felt is the immense love and calm. I could definitely feel the elder energy, wise and caring.

At first he came through a bit hunched and older looking, but as I was progressing with the drawing he stood up straight, so the aged look was only to convey his elder status rather than the way he looks, because you can't really tell his age, only through feeling his energy. On the other hand, his eyes are wide open and inquisitive and childlike.

The Council is of a benevolent nature, it reflects the integration of light and darkness the Orion area went through.

A particular message for you has to do with introspection and integration. He is expressing that looking inwards for limiting beliefs, unconscious behaviors and rigid ideas is where you will find so much love, and your cosmic family is here to support you in this journey. Looking carefully, but without judgment or guilt or blame. Like solving an interesting puzzle. Sometimes it can be frustrating but it is always rewarding.

He is humorously saying - either you get yourself evolved, or involved, referring to us humans getting involved / attached / engaged in beliefs, thoughts or emotions that don't serve us. Involved as in getting reactive.

He was even drawing out some of my own limiting beliefs for me to look at as I was working with him. It was definitely rewarding! I was looking at some negative emotions that seemed to have come out of nowhere (it happens often lately with these cosmic energy waves) and as we open our heart more when we're more vulnerable and ready to look at our own shit, so it happened with me. He used that moment to pour an incredible amount of support, encouragement and love. I felt like I was sitting in a huge beam of light that was coming down at me enveloping my whole body and etheric bodies, directly from him. Such an instant reassurance that they are there to assist us if we are willing to drop the shields. It ultimately is for our own benefit.

I immediately felt so moved that tears came to my eyes. I could feel him just witnessing me unconditionally, and it almost felt like he was saying "It's okay, you're doing great, you are loved.." That kind of supportive energy, not interfering but just loving. A mini rapture experience for sure!

I did not get much more info from him and it seems like the download I received was all he wanted to convey. All he found important at this moment. So from what I can gather, we have to be aware, allowing and accepting of ourselves so that the healing can unfold and so that we can meet them half way. That's when the whole Universe comes in rushing to support us.

Recognition and integration of what we call our "darkness" is the doorway. And it is not darkness at all, but in a sense of a fog we have over some of our aspects. Meditation un-fogs the mirrors, so that we can see ourselves better, within and in other people. And this clear, detached reflecting is needed for us to be able to see our whole self fully, and love ourselves fully.

The connection you have with him seems like an agreement you made where he would be your guide in this lifestream (or one of the guides, rather). Naturally, he is your counterpart as they call it, or a possible/probable future Self. (Self as in an incarnational expression of your higher aspects, not the earthly persona 'self' of course).

That's more of a theoretical concept that we can't grasp yet with our somewhat limited 3D / 4D perspective yet, but in essence your relationship feels like best buddies for lifetimes. It feels like complete trust, unbreakable bond and mutual joy of exploring the worlds together. A lot of warmth, camaraderie and mutual support.

He may have had a fraction of himself close to you in this physicality, but I can't tell who it was. It might have been a person that you once knew, or an animal companion that you were close to, but I get a feeling that this person / animal left this world and now it's time for you to connect directly with his "bigger" expression. In any case, he's been watching over you through different faces, that's definitely what I am getting. There is also a deep feeling of safety, for the lack of a better word, as there is nothing to be safe from, but you know what I mean.