Ships are our temples

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Galactic family of Shawnna

I was sitting in a chair, looking at what seems to be a spaceship bridge. This being was walking around using the screens, but I couldn't make out any known symbols on them. I just assume they are for ship's navigation. She is not a pilot though, she is some sort of a scientist, but not in our world's sense. She mainly works with consciousness. Her energy was Vulcan-like, the closest I can describe. She didn't change her facial expression while communicating with me or working around the ship. Her movements were those of what we would think as royalty, very gracious but determined race. They are human more than anything else from what I perceived. Not hybrids, or greys, or anything like that. They mostly remind me of Tibetan statues, and their energy feels sharp, trustworthy and of superior intelligence. They don't base their decisions or communication upon emotions. They observe and work with something far deeper than that, energy patterns and interconnectedness of all.

The first impression I got though, when I was looking at the ship and her, was that of alien beauty. Everything was different energetically, smoother, sharper, more silent, flowing like a well oiled mechanism, or rather like a coherent organism. They are also highly telepathic, which seems to be why they have no desire or need for mimicry or body language. I could "see" feelings in her eyes though, like a telepathic transmission, so I instantly knew they are not as cold as they might seem at first. Far from it! I felt like my vibration was getting higher just because I was in her presence.

- "We are star people. Our home is the vastness of space, and our chambers are crystalline."

I had an impression that the ship was made of some sort of a crystal that had different properties than the crystals we have here. But it was alive, and it was somehow connecting to the crew members, in what feels like a symbiosis.

- "Just like your body is your temple, ships are our temples."

I've never met this race before and I feel honored to be able to perceive them. I can see our future in them as well. Physically they are no different than humans, aside from small cosmetic details, but they are at much higher vibration.

They are explorers, that's what she meant when she said star people. They enjoy exchanging cultural information with races they encounter, and they enjoy exploring new worlds, and especially observing them. They are also teachers in their own right, as they help beings awaken through accepting diversity and honoring it almost as a deity. They are not religious people though, but they have certain guidelines they follow. One of them is that it is forbidden to force their ideas and beliefs onto another, or to abuse the knowledge they have in any way. Because of this, they do not interfere in conflicts.

I asked about her origins, but she said it was irrelevant as they have been a space exploring civilization for aeons. They don't have a "home" planet but like she said, their ships are sanctuaries.

She is another expression of your soul's essence. Linearly, she would be your past self, as this is a very old race. There is an explorer spirit in you as well, which might be one of the reasons why you decided to spend your time as a human. To enjoy the diversity, share ideas and cherish the uniqueness of experiences one can have here. You can use this spirit to inspire others, but always have in mind that this is simply sharing, an offering, rather than trying to change someone's beliefs.

She is here to tell you that you always have at your disposal a vast library of knowledge that can help guide you and inform you in your life. You can always tune into the higher wisdom and ask your higher levels for support, but not just energetic support, information as well. She is telling me that like her, you have deep appreciation for details and logic, and that guidance doesn't have to be just based in subtle clues. In your case, it is embedded in your etheric DNA and you will be able to draw from it when needed. Connecting to her energy will facilitate this greatly.

- "Any bias fades away when all is unveiled."