Pleiadian Guide

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Pleiadian for Trang

Notes for the client:

I absolutely love her energy. A very feminine archetypal vibration. I felt a strong Pleiades connection, but on a higher density level than we are used to seeing Pleiadians. Perhaps I could say she is from a version of Pleiadians who have become "Ascended Masters" in their timeline.

At first my vision of her was looking more "alien", with slanted eyes and narrow face and chin, but as I was working on her I kept getting - no no no, more human looking. The "alienness" (in a sense of a different vibration to what we're used to) comes from elsewhere, and it reflects the divine part of us. This seems to be a theme lately but once again in a roundabout way, through the unknown and the strange and seemingly magical, we come full circle to understanding that this is us that we see. What is in us, and what we already are.

What I feel the most connecting with her is endless patience, love and kindness.. and compassion. I really hope I managed to translate that into visuals because it feels so healing and soothing. She is here for you to listen and hold space for whatever arises. And to remind you to do the same for yourself. To be kind to yourself, loving and embracing your whole self with all that it carries.

A very powerful presence and a graceful kind of mastery. Profound but very simple, clear and heart based. Simple in a sense that all the complexities dissolve in this space. A calm flame of healing.

This connection between you and her is very strong, she has made it clear to me that she is there for you, always listening if you wish to co-create and share. Never interfering, except with gentle loving energies, when you are open to them.

I did not get a name, nor any other specific information about her or her people. It's all very ethereal, almost has a feel of Mother Mary or Guanyin, but of course on an archetypal level, what we now know as that symbolism and what it represents.

I will dare to say that these energies are much more present in our Galactic neighborhood than most of us are aware, not just as singular expressions recorded in ancient scriptures on Earth, but many more beings operate on this level and connect to us strongly. Such a blessing to be a conduit for you and for her energies...