Hybrid Child
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Jasper, hybrid son of Amaia

Notes for the client:

Here is my interpretation of his energies. He also appeared green to me, like you said, it has to do with heart chakra. A lot of pink vibrations around him and within as well. Very gentle, loving and wise child. Slightly intimidating due to his vast wisdom and alignment, but in a good way, exciting our vibrations to match his, rather than go into unworthiness and comparison.

I feel like the whole image is a symbolic expression of what he wants to convey. But I didn't know it at the time I was creating it, as the message came when I finished. Now I understand it much better and I believe it is supposed to assist with remembering his message.

Here is what I got from him:

"The process of identification of the "foreign" energies through visual stimulation is very much like looking into the surface of the water for a reflection. Like looking at an impressionist painting, the brain interprets and adds to what it sees based on what is already known and stored in memory. But the water is ever changing, ever moving, even if it's ever so slightly. Such is our energy and my personal signature.

You recognize me by essence, would you recognize me if I stood in front of you? Of course you would. The points of connection are not living in the brain nor in the physical world, but the physical world is a reflection of them, and you can see where the light falls and where the ripples carry it. You can hear the ripples and waves when you listen to living water in nature. Just as you can hear ripples and waves in radio songs, see them in street signs, and a number of other things you call synchronicities, that you recognize so well as communication between us, and communication between the unseen and the seen.

Such is the nature of all of our signatures. We wobble and flow, and what is seen with the eyes is a ripple that remains after the fact, but what is felt in the heart and carried in one's soul is what causes the ripple to be visible. As you move your focus toward the heart and soul more, you will move closer to the cause, and your attention to the effect will wane. This is not to stay ahead of what is happening, but to be in sync with it. Because what you see already has a time lag, and the interpretation of it even more so.

My attempt is to describe the Now, and to remind you to always bring back your attention to the fact that the experience of physical reality is a consequence, a ripple of what is already in the Now. Moving your attention to the heart harmonizes your entire framework from reaction to creation. You are always creating, but there is always a question of why it takes so long to see the results. It is because of this time lag that occurs when always looking at the effects, like looking at the ripples created by your hand in the water, and how they reflect the surroundings in a way that is much less of a mirror, and more of an impressionist painting.

The surface of the water doesn't have to be still and you don't have to look at the crystal clear reflection, as all of it is a reflection, be it ripples or a perfectly calm surface. It's the essence that is in the Now, the brush painting all of this for beings to enjoy. This is where we meet. This is where we ALL meet. And there is nothing foreign, unknown or hidden there. In our hearts."

- Jasper, Amaia's hybrid son