Quantum Reality

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Galactic connection of Laurelle

Notes for the client:

It is very hard for me to find words in this experience. She embodies such beauty and grace, and her energy is very kind, very delicate. Only touches our realm through a portal, like fingertips across the calm surface of the water. Barely creating ripples.

This race truly is in another realm compared to us. Completely different paradigm. No location given, only an idea that they can create constructs of material world by manipulating the quantum plasma. She understands there is no matter, only small and large whirlpools within creation that -seem- to us like they are solid. But nothing touches anything. Simply forces of creation bouncing around, swirling, circulating.

So yes, her touch is so delicate, because she understands the power of creation. They do not use technology, that's for sure. And they are not an incorporeal collective either. Somewhere in between, at the event horizon. I almost want to say gatekeepers, like Arcturians are in a way. But there are no definitions to describe it.

Her energy does feel Arcturian though, but she is more like a plasma being, and plasma is everywhere and does not have a return address. The density of light in this race is making them almost fluid.

They are, however, very sensual beings, even though one could say quite neutral from our point of view. Non-dual, in a sense. They understand that their bodies and spirit are one and the same, created out of the filaments of consciousness, just like all that is. So there is no separation between a body/individuated expression and Higher Self consciousness. Like I said, very hard to find words but I hope most of it is translated in the image and its underlying frequency.

She is leaving me breathless, in a good way. Like the amount of light she carries is slightly overwhelming to my energy as I am not yet prepared for it, but at the same time it's safe, nurturing, compassionate and loving, and I can just let go. Quite an orgasmic feeling if you take out the bodily side of it and just consider the mind. It melts away.

This is your lineage. The star woven DNA codes you carry are connecting to her through the Light. It is by design and by agreement you two have. Simultaneity. The chords your existence plays resonate within her being. And the chords her existence plays reflect back within your being. Like tuning forks.

I feel like trying to put any of this into words is creating a word salad, but that's the best I can do. The image, I believe, speaks for itself.