Ancient Eyes

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Galactic connection for Eri

Notes for the client:

At first I saw him from a distance. Standing on a cliff, between the sea and the jungle. His hair and robe were dancing in the wind. He feels ancient, and the scene felt like it was Earth's ancient past. A visitor that came here to stay.

He carries teacher energy. Sage energy. And his frequency is much more "alien" than he himself looks. The eyes are the clue.

Then when I started working on the depiction, he started coming more into focus, but also the landscape was lost, and I felt like his eyes have taken me somewhere else, altered my perception of the vibration around him so that only he was in focus.

He definitely has certain feline quality about him, but he is not feline or a feline hybrid. The way the energy translates feels that way though. Perhaps panther-like. Or some other big cat that feels very mysterious and elegant. A certain curiosity about the way my process works was present. Like he was observing me observing him and working on the art. Made me feel quite self aware but this is because of his vibration being so intense. It's like I almost had performance anxiety but a very mild version LOL.

He is not really saying anything, he's just there, watching, being. Maybe this is partly why I felt just a tiny bit uncomfortable but in an exciting way. And what I am getting from him is that in the same way he is observing you, and responding / acting only in very specific situations. But always there, always overseeing with his loving presence.

I feel that he is inviting you, almost teasing you to reach out more and is very interested in your response to this portrait. Like the feline energy he carries, he is perched up on his comfortable spot and is beaming his beingness but in silence and with grace. This is a very strong connection from multiple lifetimes that you two carry. But it is as if he says - now it's your move, and is excited to see what will you do about it. Like a dance between cosmic siblings. He sees you as his equal so this invitation is sent out from that perspective.

Very mysterious being, I cannot get anything else from him and I feel his confirmation that this is by design and intentional from his side. But the sensations and feelings I had and still have while connecting are very intense, leaving me almost breathless. It's hard to explain but it's as if he is reflecting back our divinity, and waiting for us patiently to deal with any feelings of unworthiness we might carry, so that we can understand that we're equals. Without judgment. Only endless love and patience, and a dash of playful curiosity.

I can only imagine all the doors that will open once this connection goes deeper. Once the standard human filters melt down and heart to heart conversation flows fully between you two.

Background image: NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope - Sh 2-106, altered by Vashta Narada