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Quor'Kack for Veronie

Notes for the client:

This being / consciousness is neither male nor female. Best way I can translate it is that it feels like a very small child, a baby even, but with wisdom of an old wizard. They are ancient and timeless. I am not sure about the name, it was hard to pinpoint as it was just a vibration coming through, rather than language. So if you receive something that works better for your connection feel free to use it. I will refer to Quor'Kack as "they".

They are standing on some sort of an energy platform that is floating on the surface of dark blue thick water-like plane. And the particles of light are floating all around, to show that this is who they are. Like little fireflies or orbs or snowflakes, zooming around and glowing. But these particles can condense into a form, a body in which they presented themselves to me.

I feel like the particles are their way of traveling. Almost reminds me of Star Trek transporters, and the scene I caught is the being organizing itself into a solid form. But it is not technology. It feels like magic, in a sense of imagineering themselves, willing themselves into shape.

They hold immense wisdom. I even saw what felt like huge dragon forms, which is why I mentioned an old wizard. Existing in a realm where consciousness is the main focus, rather than physical reality.

They are very small compared to us. I would say 3 feet tall. The whole impression of their being is so intensely loving and calming. And they also have a sense of humor, because just now they made a joke about how small they are compared to us, and said their name (or my translation of it) sounds like a quark which is fitting since in their light particle form they are much closer to a quark size than 3 feet.

I asked what was the connection between you and them, and if they are your teacher. Quor'Kack said with a knowing smile that they are your student. Impressed with the wit and sincerity, I asked for a clarification. They said they are a circle, and you are a square. In our childrens games they don't fit, but when you draw a circle in a square it means something quite profound. And one doesn't go without the other. So I had to Google what exactly does that symbol mean, and I found that the circle represents spiritual while the square represents material.

I received a confirmation of that meaning and they also added that we as humans usually see in 6 clear directions like a box, within our 3 dimensional world. But a ball/sphere sees in all directions and yet neither of them are focused. So the comparison was in a way between focused and non focused attention. In a way, you are teaching him about the focused attention, and he can show you the non focused attention, as you are both co-creating and can contain both of those experiences.

I thanked them for their beautiful energy and presence and wished them farewell, and they cryptically said that they are never gone because they never came, and smiled again leaving me (without leaving) with an omnipresent feeling and appreciation.