Amphibian Lady

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Star family connection for Karina

Notes for the client:

I did not get a name for this being, they operate more as a group consciousness than individuals. Even though they have their distinct individuality and signature vibrations, they do not give it much importance.

She belongs to a race that seems to be amphibian by our understandings, but not quite. They evolved on a very gaseous planet, and they can use this atmosphere to move around in like in water. So basically they float in the clouds, it's very beautiful. But I saw gigantic crystal structures too that were rising from these gas clouds. The crystals aid in their navigation as their race tunes into their electromagnetic flow. Physically they would not be able to exist on a planet such as ours.

She was very honored to be represented, and so was I to depict her. A warm, welcoming soul. I feel she is quite young too, like a young adult. As I was tuning into her energy she said that most of them wear no clothes aside from ornaments such as the cape, but she requested to be depicted with cloth over her hips, as a sign of respect to our civilization, even though they do not have same sexual organs as we do. Basically, I saw nothing there She conveyed that their reproduction is different, and showed me an egg. But it was not an egg with a thick shell, more like a floaty membrane.

I saw a lot of these eggs connected together, showing that the parents lay a lot of them and they grow together, arranged in geometric patterns, much like our mother cells look like when they divide. They attune to the crystals while still in the egg form.

She said that they have more than two sexes, not just in their race overall, but some individuals too. From what I can grasp, more than 2 participate in the creation of offspring as well, which is different, less sexual and more like conscious creation between those who are joining for this purpose.

I can feel her excitement so strongly, when she is showing me these images and sending downloads. Almost like when a child wants to show their toys to a visitor, she is lovingly and joyfully offering to answer any questions I have. She is conveying to me that she is hoping our instruments find their Solar System and the planet, so that we can have the first step towards communication between our peoples. Not one single fearful or negative thought from her about humans, she sees us in the most positive light, and I am feeling a similar excitement from her that we have here when we think about connecting to our star families. I feel her in my heart deeply, a very sweet, innocent and bright energy.

I asked about your connection with her, and she said you are both daughters. It is a bit hard for me to understand the reference, but she showed me those eggs again, and how they grow connected together, as a metaphor of what daughters would mean to her. Like a twin sister connection, coming from the same "spawn". In a way, this means something much more profound to them than to us, even though I cannot grasp it due to the differences in cultures. That being said, she is overjoyed to connect with you as you are such a close kin. I would say moved to tears, even though I don't believe they have tear ducts lol.

She is bestowing her blessings upon you and our whole world, and eagerly welcomes us all to connect to their people as equals, so we can have new exciting experiences and one day meet in the stars.