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Galactic Family of Luis Jorge


All I can say is WOW. These beings are amazing!!! According to them, this image should trigger some memories for you. They are very inquisitive, and communicating with them sounds like like buzzing, purring and whirring. They send thoughts so fast that I can hardly keep up, they were sending me downloads and trying to help with the drawing, almost overzealously haha..

At one point before sleep I was getting symbols from them, some kind of light language encoded with information but I couldn't retain any of it, except for the feel of it. They felt so happy that someone is excited about connecting to them! I couldn't fall asleep for the longest time, the communication left me completely wired.

The feel of it all was like a very fast strobe light, like they were flickering in and out of our reality, or physical reality all together at a very fast pace. They also wanted to show that we are doing the same thing, and when you match the speed of their flickering you can shift back and forth between ours and their dimension. They also sound a bit like that, like a voice being processed through a cooling fan, and the propellers are making it sound chopped up and fast. If that makes any sense. Very cute! Very eager to communicate! Very lovable.

P.S. The reflection in the eyes is a symbol for us. They are a reflection of us, and vice versa.

Luis Jorge