Same Light

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Galactic connection for Julie

I feel so blessed for being able to connect to these beings. I tuned into the flashes you see in the sky to see who is behind them. They are absolutely beautiful in every way. They spoke to me in unison, with unmistakable love that felt like it was born from understanding and seeing, rather than belief or faith. And it was so easy to see and understand it myself while I was translating their messages. They were rhythmic, soothing, with gaps of silence. Every word was packing a strong clear download punch. What an experience...

They are very tall beings, I would say 2.5 - 3 meters tall. All are part of a collective, there was not one individual I could notice that was standing out, but they were all imbued with high consciousness and universal understanding that was coupled with a beautiful sense of serenity and peace. They are not related to Zetas or Greys as we define them, but I did get a similar wired feeling from connecting to them as I get from greys. This wired feeling is a result of the messages being very intensely packed with information that is not translatable into words of our languages. It's like a stream of brain rewiring data that is far more efficient than any explanation in words could be. Regardless, the way they chose their words to be translated seems optimal for receiving these downloads yourself, but see the words more like a permission slip to access the universal code they use.

I believe they are 5th density wisdom-oriented beings, but I couldn't confirm that with them because they found densities irrelevant, as you will see in their message. Definitely Service to Others though, by our human definitions.

This is what they transmitted:

"We read. We stand. We co-relate. We co-create. Sundial. Breakfast. Wind chimes. Voices and light. Remember.

Particles. No tomorrow may leave the sun in its wake. Now. Breath of the same One. No brothers, sisters... SAME particles. We see and recognize. Fundamental levels. We breathe One breath. We know. You know. Lasting vibration. Particles you see floating everywhere when you gaze at clear sky. Particles of our breath. Same. Not two connected. One and the Same.

Heart. Thymus. Throat. Thymus. To remember the obvious step back, step in, step back. Same particles. Same light. All."