Word of Creation

Arcturian consciousness
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Arcturian collective for Naomi Cook

This was a huge surprise to me, but at the same time not really. It seems to me that these Arcturians are the same ones I connect to, or they are at least part of the same non physical collective consciousness. The connection was so intense that I had almost psychedelic experiences, as interfacing with this consciousness does something to my brain chemistry, and activates more DMT production.

They told me you need an energy signature that will support your work and trinity was the main theme. Took me on a ride through Kabbalah and the tree of life, especially the top part, then all the other ways trinity is expressed throughout our mysticism teachings and different religions. The term "word of creation" kept popping up and they directed me to look up Hebrew letters, where I synchronistically found Three Mother Letters to my huge surprise. I don't know exactly what is the connection and I don't want to offend any belief systems or teachings, but I would explore this particular concept just to get acquainted with the beauty of it, because I found and heard about some amazing co-relations between Hebrew letters and DNA codes.

The way they showed the image to me was with just 1 of them shifting through these phases, very much like lighting up, charging up, and then releasing the sacred sound/word/letter. So you can see the image more like phases of creation, rather than 3 different beings. There is a palpable amount of focus here, but love is not lacking. They just seem to be focusing more here on actual creation and they are emanating a very powerful but still serene and peaceful, very benevolent energy.

Sounds, a lot about sounds is coming through but not as we think of sound "down here". The way sound presses the universe into shape as a basic principle. They know the cymatic codes. It's even weird calling them they as there is no real identity to be attached. Very archetypal energies and yet there are cosmic beings, cosmic consciousness distinctly there. Elohim comes to mind. Not as a name of God, but gods. Instruments of the Infinite Creation / Creator just as we all are. This consciousness definitely works on some high levels, from the "other side" that is not material.