Spaceless Place

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Spaceless Place for Donna

I couldn't get this being out of my head until I finished the portrait hehe. It keeps telling me you will know who it is, and maybe this is why I am not getting any info about it.

I keep saying "it" because I sense genderless energy. Androgynous. Ageless. Timeless. It's as if this being has mastered polarity and every piece of info I get from it is immediately followed by opposing info. Male/female, child/ancient entity etc. It feels like it represents innocence before the split. And it tells me you know how to get into that space and feel that wholeness.

I haven't received a name and I believe there is no name.

It's looking at you through some sort of fog, and this is also intentional, to trigger some of your memories. It's a spaceless place, for the lack of a better word.

I am also feeling that it is one of its kind, rather than a member of a certain race that looks like this. Usually I would assign this kind of energy to a hybrid child, but this is no child and at the same time it is. Energy is innocent and pure, childlike, but ancient and pristine, almost non physical.