Sirian Annunaki

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Sirian Annunaki for Dee

You asked for a channeled piece that is a reflection of who you are according to your Galactic family soul collective that is working with you. This is the energy presenting itself at this time. It is of Sirius vibration, and also an ancient Annunaki lineage on Earth. Annunaki, of course, being just an expression, a name for all the different visitors who came to our planet during that ancient period.

The main flavor here is stopping the wheel of Karma and learning and evolving from past galactic lessons. As an adept in both going through awakenings and also assisting them in many different places, your essence is in this Now doing the same thing it has done on Pleiades, Orion and Earth in ancient times. You carry with you threads from our visitors in the past who have left us seeds of evolution and also seeds of corruption, wittingly or not. Now all these energies are balancing, integrating and transmuting, with the aid of genetic and ethereal memory of your galactic families.

What I am seeing her as is an awakened master who has been around for a looong time, and knows exactly where her light and graceful touch can restore balance and bring harmony and realization within. So many different experiences, lifestreams and flavors converge and culminate into this Here and Now as your life on Earth. This is why you have had so many different experiences, all of them intersecting within you, an alchemist who knows how to distill them and apply the wisdom absorbed.

Once again she steers me back to the topic of Karma, and how now is the time to dissolve ancestral karmic patterns. Not in a sense that you have to do it now, but in a sense that it is already happening, we are all already living it. Just knowing about it helps us understand what is unfolding and how vast it is.

I didn't get a name, or rather it felt she has many names. I don't know if this is the guide who you are familiar with already, but I feel this is more about your essence through different timelines.