Polaris Collective

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Polaris collective for Debra

Notes for the client:

This is a collective consciousness connected to the Polaris energies. Your higher self belongs to this energy stream and works with them. They are a part of a galactic council, and serve as advisors to the advisors, if that makes sense. Who heals the healers and light workers, who helps those who assist civilizations to evolve and awaken? This is one of those collectives.

I wouldn't say that this consciousness originated from Polaris, rather that Polaris is some sort of cosmic axis for our star cluster neighborhood, or perhaps a portal and a beacon where these beings are strategically placed in the grid to assist the larger fractal of our galactic family.

They appeared as androgynous, or genderless to me. Also not very individuated but as a collective who transmits in unison. You are a translator of these codes. I feel that before this collective condensed into what it is now, there were many advanced beings from all over the galaxy who merged together and evolved into this expression, driven by their accumulated wisdom and desire to be a support pillar for the cosmic evolution. While working on the image, I was also receiving Andromedan and Antarean energies. This merge has birthed a new entity with a specific role, which is the Polaris collective.

It was a very visual experience, as they conveyed that words do not teach. I saw their "role" so to speak, of assisting to maintain structural integrity and a healthy energetic immune system of lightworkers or all the beings who are passionate about being of service to the greater whole. They conveyed to me that this is not for the purpose of protection from what we call negative entities or energies, and that protection is not needed for a healthy light body as long as we are fully focused in the here and now, fully present and with our integrity intact. Integrity here means both being fully honest with ourselves and with our higher values, and being whole and undivided. These two are interchangeable.

They also briefly related this to our situation on the planet right now with the virus. Full integrity as explained above equals healthy immune system, physically and energetically. And this is what we are learning as humans at this time. Reexamining our core values leads us to clarity and truth, and truth invokes wholeness as no part is left behind in the dark, scattered in confusion.