Sirian Connection

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Sirius connection for Vicky

Notes for the client:

I have been tuning into his energy for a while before I started working on him. I kept getting different versions of him and I was just letting it crystallize to see which version would come to be represented for you.

It turns out there are two that he wanted me to depict. I am not getting specific information about his incarnations, other than that the humanoid version is the one walking on one of the planets there, and the other one is his 6th density version which is more connected to the star consciousness itself, and non physical. It is as if he wanted me to show you two distinct different expressions of the same essence, at the same time and place, and to let you know that you can tune into many other versions of this connection as well.

Since he is a 6th density being, he can take a form (like his humanoid version) without having to go through incarnation cycle the way we understand it here. But when he does take a form, it is a form that represents his vibration.

The humanoid version of him I saw walking next to you, and looking down on you smiling, as he was quite taller than you. He has feline vibrations within, but definitely shows himself in a human form.

The other version of him is in tune with all the kingdoms, including cetaceans and aquatics of Sirius.

The message here as I am understanding it is that there are many versions of them, and many versions of us as well that we operate through. It is all interconnected and non-linear. His broader aspect exists at the same time as his incarnate one, and your broader aspect and other ET expressions from your Oversoul also exist at the same time, and we are all hopping through these as we find them relevant throughout our life. But there is definitely a soul stream so to speak, that connects the two of you in many different versions. What you see in him reflects back to you so that you can recognize your own divinity, and the ability to shift focus between a more condensed life experience and a broader picture.

I also feel that he's saying that the experience you had with him, the way you had it, was perfect in a way that it was just the right amount of details and feelings to remember, to entice you to move forward in your life at that particular moment. It left you filled with starlight, and with a familiar vibration and experience that you can always bring back. It won't be the same experience as the first time, but always different, as you uncover more of your innate light and adjust your vibration to match.

He is not sharing much more, he wishes you to unwrap your own gifts so to speak, as that is going to be the quickest and most intense route for you to delve into this experience more. I do know this though, that you have been and will be connecting to these different expressions of his energy, he won't always be recognizable physically but you will know his essence immediately. He can even communicate with you through some of the animals from our planet, and also through different unexpected ways that you will recognize.