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ZaZar - channeled by and depicted for Marilyn Gewacke

ZaZar is a 6th dimensional ET being who has cosmic DNA from the Elfin ETs, Arcturian and Pleiadian lineage.

I was commissioned by the channeler to depict ZaZar's beautiful energies and I asked Marilyn (the channel) if he had a message for the public that I can post along with this portrait. Here is his message:

"Your Earth is experiencing an amazing Ascension process and as a result, appears to be in much turmoil and upheaval. There are many here now from the multidimensional ET and Celestial realms who are assisting in this Human Transfiguration.

I have chosen to be on this mission with you, facilitating this metamorphic journey and easing the path by offering a lighted hand and illuminated heart. While most planets have gone through and continue to be on the trajectory of the Ascension path, the Earth's rising movement is hampered by the human species cemented attachment to the 3D plane and the darkness therein. It is, therefore, an unprecedented event to behold, as She, your Earth, makes her way though the densities of these times and bursts into the light of creative movement towards Fifth Dimensional realities.

You have chosen to be here now as you are the "lighted ones" on Earth who have come to remember your own committed mission, opening the magnificent golden chambers of your own Source light to offer Service to all Earth Inhabitants.

Know who you are, open your portals to the guiding light of higher consciousness and let your heart sing the chorus of the cosmic spirit song. You are the Ones you have been searching for. We are the Ones who have come to offer you love, comfort and tranquil certainty as you birth your mission of Cosmic Awakening. Love To You....To Light the World"
~ ZaZar

Channeled by Marilyn Gewacke

To learn more about ZaZar visit www.theshift.rocks or Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision-SEV Facebook page