Sirius Ambassador

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Sirius connection for Gila

He is your Sirius connection and your counterpart in that civilization / consciousness.

When I first "saw" him, he was bowing slightly towards you and holding a flower as a gift. It was very gentleman like, but both formal and friendly at the same time.

His peoples are members of the Association of the Worlds, who are assisting humanity and many other races. I am getting from him that his planet / solar system is connected to Sirius energy, but that's not where they are. They seem to be a colony that inhabits a planet in a different solar system but their origins are Sirian.

They have features of many races we know from our planet. Mostly Indian (Hindi), Middle Eastern and Brazilian facial features mixed with Caucasian, and skin color that has a greenish-brownish tinge. It's a mixture so it's hard to explain but that's the closest I can get with describing them. They have variations in their looks, with brown, yellowish and emerald green eyes, lighter and darker hair and tan as well. Women look amazingly beautiful too. They all have darker shades around their eyes, almost looks like make up. They would be able to walk among us on Earth, if it weren't for the eyes that were noticeably bigger. They are also generally taller from what I am getting, but not that much. Very amicable, approachable and warm hearted.

His energy is all about collective consciousness, harmonious relationships and awakened presence. He is some kind of a communications expert, like an ambassador but there is no special title. He meets with people of different races and mingles with common folk so to speak. Learns about their ways and culture and shares about his, and about Association of the Worlds. Unconditional friendship, that's what comes up as a description of what his energy is like.

It feels like his race is going towards their ascension into non physical collective consciousness. They can communicate with whales on our planet and connect to their collective for information and merging of energies. He is interested in concept of communities and offers his experience in open, unconditional relations between individuals and groups.

He said that you carry this blueprint too and that if you wish, you can work together to bring these concepts to Earth. He also says he has been visiting you in dreams, especially those that are related to animals and water.

What surprised me the most is that their energy doesn't feel "alien" at all. There is a feel like they are our cousins, or siblings, and they are human too. And while they feel very advanced, at the same time they feel beautifully simple in their ways and life. Very natural.

He is offering you an agreement that you, of course, don't have to accept, or accept right away. It has to do with building/forming communities and being guided towards that path if you are not already on it. But he says he wishes to form a rapport with you before anything else, so that you can both consciously participate in the exchange of energy and information, and that connecting to whales might help you to tweak your focus so you can 'receive' him better.