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Lambda for Justin

She is your guide and teacher, and brings Andromedan energies to the forefront. I was not told anything, all of it was a visual presentation filled with emotion and love.. so I will try to give you a description of what I saw and the downloads she was sending about what I was seeing.

I sense and see her as quite tiny, maybe 3 feet tall. Very delicate and gentle. She is offering her assistance to you in these transforming times of our existence in this reality. She understands we are going through a big shift and that it's not easy for us. She sees the human resistance towards our own (deemed) less desirable aspects, and she sees the fear of the unknown. Her energy is an example of a fluid structure that can replace our rigid patterns while still leaving us supported. More malleable, more adaptable to changes, both inwardly and in the outer world.

The way she showed it to me is like a field around us, but not with grid lines, more like permeable watery membrane with water currents pulsating through it, energy field that allows new ideas and loving connections in. And it's not really just surrounding us like a bubble, it interacts with us like plant's roots interact with the water in the ground. Nurturing. Soaking. Crystalline in microscopic and ethereal structure.

She says that if we look at our energy as watery, we can remember water crystals and how they react to words and energies (late Masaru Emoto research). But instead of the water reacting to the outside stimuli, it reacts to our inner being and state. So when we emit peace and love into it, geometries themselves align according to that and our view of the world becomes clearer while looking through our own energy field. When we make it muddy and murky by our own worries, fears and resistance to learning and understanding fully, we will not see clearly through it. And even though the outside world might be in balance, this will be filtered out through the muck that we emanate. And this is fine as well, as long as we know we are not seeing clearly.

Once again lotus symbology appears, as it has several times with different ET energies. She shows this delicate flower and its roots deep under murky water, hinting that all of it is one. If the roots are cut and rejected, the flower doesn't live. It gets its sustenance from the mud, and it knows exactly how to use them without our minds and egos interfering. There are things in the mud that fertilize that flower, and there are things in the shadow that nurture our lifeforce and bring it up to the surface. It is all needed. Inward and outward. Not just needed, essential.

But we must let our delicate instruments make a distinction, and that requires connecting to our heart and allowing cosmic love to pour down through us from the universe. This fills our energy field with cosmic intelligence, and then our system knows how to utilize the fertilizer. Without our personal interference that wants to control the process.

Our only conscious action that can help this is allowance of this to occur. After the energy field is restructured into harmonious geometries, THEN we can start using our inner compass and be more consciously involved in the process. But we must first learn what the process does, how does it work, and allow it to be taken over by our higher aspects. Observation of these energies at work is is our training. And this is basically the observation of our own toroidal fields and flows, that include our body, our thoughts, our emotions and beliefs. It's an impeccable cleansing mechanism if left to do its thing without interference of our mind that looks through the same muddied water we are wanting to clean.

I hope that made sense, I really wrote down everything I saw and the meaning of it as I was getting it in the downloads. I can still see this perpetual flow happening it's quite amazing. But it was hard to put into words because she wasn't helping me with the words lol.. the downloads already happened and then I had to explain them through language. So if it is clumsy I apologize!
background image (heavily altered) - Nebulabrot (Buddhabrot @ Wikipedia) Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)