Solar entities

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Solar entities for a client


This is a star collective consciousness as well as individual beings. They don't look like this but have chosen to be depicted like this for specific purposes.

They are not telling me much, possibly because they know once you tune into this you will get all the info you need. I kept asking which star are they of but I got no answer to that, they seemed slightly entertained in anticipation of your understanding.

The message was that they can be tuned into by light and sound (both listening and producing sound), thus the 3 figures of watching, chanting and listening.

They are almost like Sphere beings too, in a way that they can be any size, as size is not relevant in their density and dimension. I kept thinking about Helios entities too, there is some connection there (entities that are in sun rays and in our bodies too).

Their faces look a bit female but the bodies seem male or androgynous in this representation they showed me.

There is something Arcturian about them too but I can't put my finger on it, other than compare to my own experience of Arcturus and Arcturians which was always golden realms, golden threads and golden globes of consciousness, when they are presenting themselves as the collective.