Tall Grey being

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Galactic family for Luis

Notes for the client:

This being came through with mantis vibrations but they told me they are not quite mantis as we would define them. Very intelligent and very tall and slender, I felt a masculine energy more than feminine but there was no gender and both energies are present. The skin was very soft and velvety, which is what I usually notice with beings of higher density.

It might be that this is the leader you felt in your bedroom visitation because there are distinct scientist and caretaker vibes to them. Even though the face looks quite expressionless the energy I felt was heart opening and inspiring of wisdom and growth. This being is not involved in hybrid programs or anything similar, but I do feel they are some kind of geneticist in their kind. It has more to do with vibrational upgrades than physical DNA alterations. It might be that you do not remember much of your encounters because they happen during spirit travel and the states that are far different from your waking day to day functioning.

Now as I am writing this, again I am getting the mantis vibe. As if these beings are often mistakenly called mantis or mantids, but they are not insectoid at all even though the feel of them is very similar. They (I am saying they because saying him or her feels wrong) feel very gentle, not a harsh energy at all, but can feel quite alien to us due to the high density and wisdom they hold about things we cannot yet fathom. Sacred geometry can help attune you to the way they operate and make it easier to connect and re-member. Especially studying / meditating on four-dimensional shapes like tesseract or 24-cell.