Principal Guide

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Principal guide for Meredith

Notes for the client:

What a wonderful energy this consciousness has. She is definitely non corporeal, closest I can describe it is a principal spirit guide / teacher. A strong feminine presence, a guardian and a nurturer. She is an expression of you in spirit so to speak.

I am also feeling angelic grace, and the form of serenity connected to those levels of existence. She exists in a heavenly realm, for the lack of better words. A realm where healers, Ascended Masters, teachers and guides reside. They all have their own roles, and it is not as ethereal and nebulous as we might think. It is peaceful but also brimming with purpose, conviction and clarity. And it's not somewhere far away, but actually overlapping with our reality and being very involved in it.

She has others working with her, all of your other connections and galactic family. They all come to Her when they are connecting to you. A gatekeeper of sorts, ensuring that connections made are for the highest good in terms of your growth and expansion in this lifestream. Very motherly feeling, but also most similar to your own essence, and in a way also representing your Higher Self.

There are few other spirit guides with you, two male energies from what I sense, but she is definitely the one that came through the strongest and wanted to be depicted. She facilitates your connection to the Divine, and reminds you of the importance of it. From there, you can connect with all your guides and galactic family with ease and clarity.