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Watcher for Heather

Notes for the client:

I was connecting to an image of your Higher Self at first, but all I saw was a very bright light, roughly in the shape of an elongated octahedron. It was not something that I could depict as it was very non-specific :) So I tuned in to see if another consciousness was coming through and this beautiful being appeared. Incorporeal being. She was shifting a lot and it was all different shades of light, but I could definitely make out a shape of a feminine being, with golden light shining in her eyes. Her eyes were so intense and they were the only thing static in this vision, while everything else was morphing, weaving in and out, swaying, floating, glistening, but contained within her humanoid shape. I caught a snapshot of that, but it doesn't do her justice without movement. I hope I was able to capture at least some of this vividness.

It looked like she was channeling source energy or holy spirit through herself and then letting it flow out from her hands all around her, billowing like paint in water. Her presence and energy feel similar to Arcturian vibrations, but I did not get a confirmation about her being Arcturian. There are certainly other beings and consciousnesses that contain a high light quotient like that. She did not identify herself as a specific race, but she explained her role in your life as a watcher. Watching over you, like an angel, or a loving mother. A being of service, not to be mistaken for someone who is to be revered, or of higher importance than yourself.

I have asked if there are any specific messages for you and she conveyed that words are not enough, but to do as she does. Then she showed me again how she connects to the Creator, fills herself with that love to the point of overflowing, and channels it through herself outwards into the environment. She said it's that simple, and no other message would be more important than that.