White Arcturian

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Arcturian for Jay Scott (depiction of beings that are responsible for a UFO experience of "4 bright glowing neon orange spheres" communicating with the client)

When the being showed itself to me, the accent was on the eyes, brows and top part of the head with bluish 'spots'. Also on the way light was shining on its face and the way it was glowing from within. As if it wanted me to really pay attention to that. This is why it took me so long lol.

Yes this is the being that was responsible for the experience you had. One of them. The way ships moved was important. They were rewiring you, upgrading your DNA with their specific movement patterns.

They are indeed one type of Arcturian energy. One of the races we call Arcturian. Very tall, thin. They are on the level with Galactic consciousness, so are able to commune with other galaxies and relay the information back and forth in the form of blueprints and codes of creation. They don't need ships to travel, but can use them for specific purposes. Besides, these weren't even ships as we would define them, more like energetic constructs, more similar to orbs and spheres that can traverse dimensions, time-space. I do not believe this being has a gender that we know of.

They also use sound to rewire and encode. What I hear when I connect is a high pitched almost child-like tone in harmony, like a children's choir singing "mmmmmm" continuously. I can feel it hitting my etheric DNA directly. Such a beautiful presence, it speaks to me as Arcturus is one of my principal connections too. I have seen beings like this on my journeys, they reside within the star itself it seems. It's a beautiful realm of white light, very hard to make out shapes when you're there, it all just looks so bright and beautiful, images melding into one another and tall silhouettes of light, which are these beings. I also saw a bridge made of light and a river going under it. The river is our "time", and these beings can observe it from the shore. The attire is crystalline with an attempt to depict the way everything looks there.