Commander Maylon

Pleiadian Nordic
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Commander Maylon for Patricia

What a joyful pure energy! He is brimming with life. This is the first time I depicted anyone with a grin like this. I believe he is part of the Nordic group, Pleiadian. He is a pilot! About 8 ft tall.

His energy is like the dawn on a beautiful spring day. Very fresh. There is a hearty laugh coming from him, simply from enjoying life. He looks very human apart from lack of body hair, bigger eyes and bigger forehead/cranium. This is why he looks this way, he is not balding lol.

His name is Maylon. Commander Maylon. This is just a designation of his role, not in any way a better rank than someone else or a way to have subordinates. It also has nothing to do with military. He pilots a big ship that goes from world to world involved in galactic diplomacy. His race / group is part of a council or federation if you will, and his ship transports various kind of emissaries. I believe his particular group is 5th density. There is also some type of cultural exchange program happening on the ship and between the planets they visit and the members of the federation. It is NOT Galactic Federation of Light. They have nothing to do with this concept.

They don't interfere with other races until they are either willing or ready to be members. Then they advise and educate them in various topics. The prerequisite to join is to have rooted out any form of violence or even weaponry, as they consider even having weapons for protection is an invitation for an attack, vibrationally.

"Peace within, is the stronghold. Light within, is its governor." he says.

Sounds like a greeting they have, a telepathic one. Almost like the Vulcan "Live long and prosper" saying. I am not sure if this greeting is of the federation as a whole, or of his particular race. But they are definitely ambassadors of peace and light.

He has been on many worlds and seen and talked to many different races and their representatives. He says humans are going through birthing pains and that there is so much more out there than we can imagine, but we get easily discouraged by focusing on particulars instead of seeing the bigger picture. He also says it's a normal part of the process and that we will laugh and rejoice about all that goes on on our planet in not too distant future.

He is one of your ET soulmates. This means you have a version of yourself in their race that works alongside of him. Your human self remembers it occasionally. It is very possible that your Higher Self decided to have a human experience so that many other races can benefit from what you learn here. Your knowledge is streamlined to the whole federation, and through their diplomacy to other races that are going through a similar process of transformation. It benefits so many souls.

He would like to ask all of us, what is it that we would like to contribute, as individuals, as points of perspective, to this grand repository of galactic knowledge?