Childhood Encounter

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Galactic connection for Joyce

Notes for the client:

I asked for the energies from your childhood but I did not get a clear answer about who was on the ship you saw. I did get that during that experience you were taken. Of course, as I always like to say, please take everything I am saying with a grain of salt and always trust your own heart and God first. That being said, I will try to explain what my understanding of it is. I am saying all this because it's quite complex and can be confusing, but I will do my best!

What I saw was that the beings on the ship did some kind of an energetic upgrade to your ethereal and physical body. It had Sirian and Arcturian spiritual technology involved. They did not take you on the ship itself, but into another dimension, higher than the one we reside in. The ship was more like a portal. This is why you lost memory. This is also why you have had fear related to this event. The dimensional shift to get you to where you needed to be in order to do this let's call it 'procedure' was quite jarring, as the difference in frequencies between our physical experience and where you went is significant. To your childhood self, it felt like you died. That was the only way your little brain could interpret the emotion you were left with.

Without having any reference as to what happened, you interpreted coming back to physical life from these higher vibrations as death. To try to clarify, all of our births here are more traumatic than deaths, because we condense and focus ourselves intensely into physical form from free spirit experience. When a vibrational shift happens, like the one you had in order to be in this "other" dimension, it feels like a near death experience so to speak. You emerged into almost non physical timeless reality and felt unconditional love and were nurtured by your galactic family, and then you slammed back into your body. You might have felt similar sensations after some of your astral travels and dreams, specifically those where you commune with your Sirian and Arcturian family. As for the upgrades, they were meant to facilitate more light coming to you and through you in this incarnation, and also to balance your emotional body. You had many upgrades like that since that experience. Many people do. Sometimes it can be quite a shock to the system. Not because of the upgrades, but because of what I like to call astral jet lag and confusion. After each of these procedures the transition becomes easier because that's exactly what the procedures are meant to facilitate. Us being able to contain more love and more light in these bodies, here, without feeling like we're dying. lol

The being who appeared to be represented is someone very close to you, who is there every time you travel. You may have seen his presence in the form of a dolphin before. He said that he does have a dolphin incarnation on our planet, and can view our world through dolphin's eyes. In that regard he is deeply connected with our planet, and cetacean energy especially. I can't tell you which race he belongs to, but he is not Pleiadian even though he might look like it. He has incarnations in various different civilizations. What I have depicted is his ascended form, and how he presents often in spirit / astral travels. He said that seeing this you will be able to recognize him in all the other forms he might take. Even as a dolphin 🙂