Arcturian Self

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Arcturian Self for Brenda

Notes for the client:

She appeared to me in what I can only describe as an 'in between' realm. Between our Earthly realm and Arcturian one.

Very tall and slender, moving gracefully or rather gliding, she came through light full of different fractal patterns and cymatic shapes and slowly formed into a shape. Even as she was doing that, I could feel the blueprint / essence coming into being in such a way that made it possible to be perceived as an individual, from our perspective.

What you wrote about sound, light and colour is exactly like my experiences with Arcturians, and this was no different. Like we cannot see atoms, or perceive their sound and vibration with naked eye, and yet we see what they ultimately shape into - we cannot see or hear etheric signatures from their realm with human senses. But once translated to form, she presented herself to be depicted.

I could feel her role of an ambassador, a translator of sorts, of energes from one realm to another. Without your human self being of the same soul essence, she would not be able to do that. You are a bridge both in your human incarnation and Arcturian one, and the reason you feel more yourself and at home when you are looking through her "eyes" and from her perspective is because of the density of light she carries. More of the soul can be perceived when more light is flowing through the ethereal body. And so, the more you utilise your gifts for translating these delicate vibrations into earthly ones for all to hear and see, more light will be able to run through you. More life force, more love, more wisdom that you already have, but yet cannot contain in the human vessel.

It is a very gradual process, as sudden bursts would be very abrasive to your body and chakras. The closer you get to your larger self in that realm, the closer she can get to translating the ethereal into this realm too. Meeting each other halfway so to speak, in order to bring forth more of cosmic benevolence into this world. The life force of God.

The only message I am getting from her is to open your heart, even when it hurts. We as humans have a tendency to shut down and stop all healing. But healing sometimes hurts as it is happening. That is also a part of it. It hurts especially due to the difference between that broad perspective and our limited human one. But the one thing we have that is never limited is our hearts, as bridges to the divine