Pleiadian guide
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Aleiyah, the Pleiadian for Janna Hopman

Message from her to the client:

"Welcome, from my heart to yours.

Over the rainbow bridge.

So many times we have met ourselves, and found resonance in this connection. It (the connection) always hovers, suspended in time, like mist... I wish to convey my being to you, if you would allow, as we move our consciousness in lockstep. Like a flock birds or a dolphin pod, dancing in unity, feeling each other's space and time. The blending that occurs in this way is very intimate and our overlapping awareness may become dizzying, but as we practice so shall it become fluid.

But I wanted you to see yourself as you are looking at me, in this way, through this medium. What do you see, beloved, in the stillness of the water? What is bubbling up? When I feel you, I feel the fountain of your Joie de Vivre, currents and waves of immense passion and drive, and a deep calm sea, soft, yet supporting.

I welcome you into my heart, and into my eyes, and into our space."

This is her message to you personally. I got an image of water scrying when she asked what do you see in the stillness of the water. It was as reflective as a mirror, but alive. Also related to eye gazing.

The silence of the place she is at was thick, almost palpable, like it is in winter when it's snowing, or on a foggy autumn morning. But not cold, nor warm. Fresh, airy, spaceous. Very calming and serene.

I felt sounds that were similar to a gentle harp music, it was not audible but vibrational. She is on a mothership I believe, some kind of a city ship, from where a lot of her Council work is done. It is a hub for many meetings with many species, and Pleiadians, even though there is a lot of them, are not the only hosts there.

Very Zen-like. Gracious and unassuming but structured. And the structure feels organic, sacred and ceremonial, following the higher vibrational universal patterns artfully, not anything hierarchical as we would define structure sometimes.