Arcturian guide
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Delldie, Arcturian guide, for Janna Hopman

Message from him for the client:

"We greet you.

The undertow of the current reaches out to many but the picture it paints in the sand stays in the hearts of the few. Continue to open up to the sovereign example of your destiny.

Give yourself a break.

Reciprocity of the ideas you so desire lays within the syntax of your coherent lattice. Serenity prevails where once was angst. Conclusions are none, yet the path is laid before you. Tender steps with coming changes. Touch the world sparsely. Undemandingly.

Layers will be conveyed one upon another like soft petals. Mass expulsion of love hurts at the start. Practice movements. Move the Chi. Move the galaxies within you. Stir up your spirit and hone the riddles in your mind. Embodying. Embedding. Embracing. Emmmmmmpathy. Embroidery of golden grids. They organize the universe. Let your arms weave the light. Connect the node points and the rest follows...flows... flowers. Blooming life out of love that you are."

He belongs to one of the Arcturian races I have depicted before, but only females. This is the first time I connected to a male. They are fifth density beings, very short, and neither males nor females have hair.

He told me to place a picture of Arcturus somewhere, so I placed it on his third eye It's an actual photo of Arcturus I found online.