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Kor'Rah for Ry

Notes for the client:

This is a very magnetic connection you have been made aware of at the point of your life when you both resonated with each other's lifestream and experiences. It is connected to a process of healing and purging of old ways and beliefs, and transmuting youthful arrogance into more mature humility and understanding of uniqueness and unspeakable value of each being. You have connected on equal grounds and this is why you saw yourself in the mirror as her. The fun part you might not have known is that she saw herself in the mirror as you.

It would be most correct to say it is a parallel lifetime, but not yours as you are now. Both you and this being are parallel lifetimes / expressions of your unifying higher aspect / consciousness, exploring a certain theme.

From what I was getting, this is an Orion / Pleiades connection. I believe this to be a lifestream during the Orion wars, or let's say, a time when Pleiadians weren't as advanced as we think of them today, but were still much more advanced than humans are now. But I am getting both Orion and Pleiadian energies from her.

Connecting to this being was a very significant insight for you, whether you were conscious of it or not. It has opened a door to very specific healing process, and infused your energetic field with optimism in regards to change and transformation of something you were feeling stuck about in your life. You said you have had this experience 2 years ago, but the transformation is still ongoing and you are still connecting to this being like to a twin in another reality. You are learning from each other in dream time.

It is not one of those galactic family connections that we often think about, when they are super advanced and guiding us from heavenly realms. This is palpable and grounded almost as much as it would have been if she were an internet friend across the globe. There is an agreement between you two to assist each other because you are going through similarly flavored personal experiences, and integrating them in a similar way. So you're doing shadow work and integration together, so to speak.

It's very exciting, and rare for me to see such a connection. It's very sisterly, or friendly, like best friends are. With similar blindspots and talents and gifts, but complementing each other at the same time, growing together. Either way, she confides in you just as much you confide in her.