Orion's belt connection
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String of Pearls - for Marina

I am so moved when it comes to this being's energy. I believe this is partly because I resonate with him so much, as part of my family is just like him. They are a very humble and gentle race. Brings tears to my eyes connecting to them. I sense sharpness and softness and snowflake-like fragility and clarity. Snow-like quietness. There is a sound though, and it is produced by means I don't understand or can put into words. The crystal he is holding his palm on - he is making it play but it's the sound of their connection, not just the crystal itself. It sounds like star twinkles and most beautiful high pitched gentle unobtrusive frequencies. Not like crystal bowls, more like wind chimes, more sandy, wispy but constant, uninterrupted.

Everything they do they do very slowly, deliberately, enamored and fully engaged with every move, breath and blink. Crystalline frequencies, iridescence.

I found a track that has very similar sounds in it, if you can focus on the highest pitch sounds in it. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uylFMxFtM5s

Alnilam. One of the planets there. They are an old race, and the Orion wars took a large toll on them, even though they did not want to get involved, being very peaceful and not interested in any kind of conflict. They feel almost transparent, hardly physical. I am repeating myself but the closest I can get is to compare them to snowflakes. Impeccable clarity but fragility and softness. Twinkling both in light and sound. Their eyes say everything. So much love and compassion... They are aware of our Orion stigma.. they do not wish to interfere in any way or prove themselves or get involved. They have suffered enough. And they know we have suffered enough too. All they desire is peace and love for all.

They all seem to look very similar, androgynous it seems. I don't see females or what would look like females to us. They don't seem to reproduce in a way we do, and they also don't use cloning. They are all connected telempathically to one another and by holding hands in a circle they can birth a soul into being, in their race. It is so beautiful and magical looking. They show me a baby and it's the most beautiful newborn I have ever seen. It is floating in its energetic egg in the center of the circle, in a fetal position. Sparkling like a little pearl in an oyster. In place of an umbilical cord, the baby has a cord from its crown, connecting it to opalescent field they have all generated for it. It's a life created by all of them.

I only learned just now that Alnilam means string of pearls (just looked it up). It explains everything and confirms what I wrote so far. They really are like a string of pearls! They seem to be keeping the balance and holding the space for light in the whole system. So precious. I feel sadness for them and the times that have passed but they assure me they have chosen this role deliberately. They add all that is loving and gentle to this grand play of light and dark in the Orion's belt. They live in their own realm, almost as if encased by a giant oyster shell, energetically. All that they have experienced so far was because of their willingness to open up the shell and let the light out. Transmutation.

They are your family. You don't connect to just one of them, but all.