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Emeralda for Luci

She is a principal spirit guide, medicine-woman and also both human and ET related. She has direct connections with Avians or Bird people.

Not Egyptian. Native South American (Brazil area). She is in spirit now, not a physical entity, but guiding the client through the agreements they made.

Strong Earth energies here, related to nature, nature spirits and Fourth and Fifth density. She seems to be a hybrid between humans and another race, created with a very specific purpose to bridge the 2 worlds. The world of the land and the world of the sky. She embodies that consciously. She says that the bridge cannot be made if the individual does not stand firmly on the ground with both feet. It's a metaphor for being grounded and using common sense. She also says that everything we need is always right in front of us, showing me lush forests, beautiful landscapes and the worlds we can access through connecting with nature in a spiritual way.

Her silver hair symbolizes the glory of our milky way, and her symbols glow with cycles of the universe (and nature) and the One. The color of her eyes is what can be used to connect to her energy better. Emerald.

The client is her and she is the client in another expression. They are basically one and the same and it is easy to connect. Another way to connect for the client is doing some sort of handicraft creative work. I see beautiful feminine fingers making stuff.. Clay? Jewelry? I can't tell, but she says it's also a beautiful way to tap into Creator energy and ground at the same time. Dancing as well.

The client already embodies these strong energies, I have an impression she doesn't need help to connect the dots here